Help | Searching the catalogue

The archives and manuscripts catalogue uses a tabbed interface to assist navigation between the various search options.

To begin, click the Search tab and enter search terms in one or more of the fields. You may fill in as many or as few of the fields as you wish. If you are unsure about which field(s) to use or how to enter the term, click on the field name (e.g. Subject Term) for information. To build more detailed queries or to search by date, use the advanced search screen.

When you have entered your term or terms, click the Search button. Your search results should then be displayed. Click on an item in the results list to display the details for that record. If only one record is found matching the specified search criteria, details for that record appear instead of a results screen.

Experiment with the various action and display options listed on the left-hand side of each screen. Try using the check boxes adjacent to the titles on the Results or Details screens to select relevant results from a larger set of hits.

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